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Halloween Black Crow, VFA Nr. 17087

Introducing The Fall Chalkware Black Crow For Halloween

The crow has long been a symbol for the fall season and Halloween holiday. Along with its Corvidae companion, the raven, the crow often finds itself associated with Halloween because of its cunning association of consuming carrion. A "murder of crows" is often found sitting READ MORE »

Gerald Charles Dickens performs A Christmas Carol at Vaillancourt Folk Art in Sutton, MA

Dickens Weekend: 2017

We're pleased to announce tickets are now on sale for Thanksgiving Weekend's annual performance of A Christmas Carol with Gerald Charles Dickens—in addition, he'll be performing A Child's Journey With Dickens Sunday evening.

Russian Father Christmas, VFA NR. 531

Twelfth Night: 2017

For those with Christmas in their hearts, the holiday of tradition, family, and merriment is never over. So, when January arrives they eagerly look forward to when they can begin the holiday season again. This is why Twelfth Night is so important, it marks the READ MORE »

Vaillancourt Folk Art during the annual Sutton Chain of Lights

Retail Gallery After Christmas Sale

As we begin to undecorat the retail gallery here in Sutton, we try to clean out our decorations so that we can close for inventory and make room for the creative process for Christmas 2017! Although we don't ever put our American made chalkware on sale, we do READ MORE »

Gary, Judi, and Luke M Vaillancourt were featured on WCVB's Chronicle in December 2016

Featured on WCVB’s Chronicle

In late November, we were paid a visit by ABC's WCVB Chronicle. Airing on Tuesday, December 6th, if you missed it you can see the full episode here: Conley, C. (Producer). (2016, December 6). A Santa Workshop [Television broadcast]. In Chronicle. Boston, MA: ABC.

Andy Mattison interviewing Luke M. Vaillancourt in December 2016 for Worcester Business Tonight

Featured on Worcester News Tonight

On Tuesday, December 6th, Charter TV 3's Andy Mattison visited our retail gallery in Sutton for a feature on Worcester News Tonight.

Vaillancourt Folk Art eNewsletter email broadcast

Coupons and Promotions

We all love discounts, coupons, and promotions. But, unlike many retailers that superficially inflate their prices simply to sell it on sale, our American made Chalkware's price is based on the time it takes for our artists to hand paint each collectible. So, while we READ MORE »