Gary Vaillancourt, Judi Vaillancourt, and son, Luke M. Vaillancourt

The Vaillancourt Family

A true family business in America, the tradition continues with Luke, Gary and Judi’s son, joining the business in 2007. […]

When you see Vaillancourt Chalkware and ornaments at the big department stores it is hard to believe that Vaillancourt Folk Art is still a family owned and operated business here in the United States. In fact, further investigation makes it even more amazing to realize that the Vaillancourt collection is still designed by Judi Vaillancourt and “mass produced” by a handful of professionally educated and trained artists in the Sutton, MA Artists’ Studio. Since stepping into the role as President, Luke has been handling the business’ operations, while Gary continues to manage production. In a world where it seems quantity and price overshadows quality and meaning, Vaillancourt Folk Art is proud to be American made and Family run.

Gary, Judi, and Luke photographed at the 2020 Christmas Opening with Starlight Santa.

The 2022 Starlight Santa

2022 Vaillancourt Ornament Collection

Mini Outdoor German Christmas Wine Market Saturdays