Jingle Balls™ American Washington Eagle

The American Washington Eagle Jingle Ball was created with America in mind. The front depicts the classic Vaillancourt Eagle with wings spread holding the American shield while prominently displaying one of the Declaration of Independence’s unalienable rights: liberty. The back and sides of the ornament prominently display the color and six-point stars of George Washington’s camp flag used during the American Revolution. The ornament is made with mouth-blown Polish glass and is hand painted in the same tradition of all Vaillancourt’s ornaments.


National Patriotism

Beyond the summertime parades of Patriots Day and Memorial Day, we have a deep honor and pride of our country and those who’ve established and continue to keep it safe. In creating collectibles to show our National Patriotism we’re proud to honor the Colonial past and modern day—after all, we’re “Made in America.”

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35th Starlight: Nordic Santa with Tree

Beginning May 1st, Premier Numbers of the 2024 Starlight Santa will be made available with a shipping date of Monday, November 4th.


The Patriotic Parade Series

From the popular Rabbit Grand Marshall and Rabbit on Dragon Float through the Betsy Ross Bunny, the Patriotic Parade Series is a phenomenal way to enjoy the summer months from the comfort of your own home.

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Spring Santa Series

Santa and Christmas have a lot of different meanings to different people and cultures. Well, Santa in the spring takes the holiday meaning of new awakenings and spruces up with warm pastel tones and symbolism. The Spring Santa Series celebrates spring by incorporating lambs, ducks, bunnies and more. Hand-painted in Sutton, MA this Chalkware series is sure to help you through the cold days of winter and into the warmer days of spring.


Chalkware Rabbits for Spring

In addition to the two new Chalkware Rabbits for 2024, we’re pleased to offer a fluffle that is sure to remind everyone of the spring weather to come! Whether new, with inspiration drawn from the Delft style, or traditional, there is no questioning that spring is on its way!

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The New Chalkware Collection For 2024

The 2024 Chalkware Collection has been introduced as we celebrate our 40th Anniversary! See the complete 2024 collection and order today!

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Cherish: A Celebration of Forty Years of Honoring Christmas Through Timeless Designs and Traditions. […]

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The Vaillancourt Tradition

We believe in quality. We believe in tradition. And, above all, we believe in Christmas. We understand the value of creating traditions intended to be passed down for generations. As a family-owned, American small business, we thrive on the reaction, appreciation, and the expectations of collectors from around the world. Vaillancourt Chalkware is the highest quality fine art Christmas collectible in the country. Hand-painted in our Sutton, MA studios our family has a passion for history, antiques, and Christmas; it is no wonder why our company is a great place to begin, or continue, your family’s Christmas tradition.

It’s hard to tell when a tradition begins…™

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The 40th Anniversary Chalkware Collection

The Museum Vault: Rare Chalkware Throughout The Decades