Getting bACK Into The Summer Season

Nothing says summer like the nautical breeze and ocean waves crashing upon the sand. As the open sea calls our name, we’re stocking up our popular Nantucket Santa Series for the season.

Nantucket Santa Series

Santa Delivering Brant Point Toy On Nantucket Dory

For the second year in a row, Judi Vaillancourt “broke the mould” by introducing a new piece similar in process to the 2020 Nautical Santa Riding Nantucket Whale—from the ground up. This year’s Nantucket Santa is a traditional American interpretation dressed in his iconic red suit with white fur and bushy beard and is available now!


Santa Figurehead On Nantucket Boat

Nothing says the start of summer more than the first breeze from a crashing wave. Whether you’re a sailor at heart or just enjoy the warm breeze on the ocean’s edge, our collection of both Vaillancourt and other brand’s nautical themed gifts are a great way to celebrate the summer months. And, nothing says summer more than the launching of your boat. Which is why we have a great grouping of boat-themed pieces for those who can’t get enough of the sea.


Colonial Hospitality Chalkware

During the Colonial period in America, the pineapple became a symbol of warm welcome and hospitality. When the trade routes were first opened in the 17th century between the Caribbean Islands and America, pineapples were one of the popular fruits imported because of their exotic appearance. Rare, it showed status and wealth to have a ripe pineapple for guests during social gathering and, at times, sea captains would place a pineapple outside of their home to signify a safe return from the Pacific trade routes. Today, many Vaillancourt Santas have been modified to embrace the colonial symbol of hospitality.

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Egyptian Museum Glass Ornaments

Egyptian Museum produces some of the most beautiful crystal-styled glass ornaments. Mouth blown in Egypt, the trained artists—usually using techniques passed down from generation to generation—mouth blow smooth Pyrex glass tubes over a fire. At this time the glass is etched, cut, and swirled before being painted with a luster or organic paint.

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Pre-Order The 2021 Starlight Santa

The 32nd Starlight Santa: Whimsical Forest with Doll (Johnson & Wales University Timberlake Collection) is now available for pre-order for its November release of premier numbers!


Statement Red Hunched Gingerbread Santa

Because of demand, we’re currently taking backorders for Premier Numbers on the new statement piece to the Gingerbread Series. This near-2-foot-tall Hunched Santa is ornately painted in a lace-like pattern of Victorian gingerbread. With a red coat, this striking piece is part bold, yet whimsical, with a gentle face and striking eyes. Orders will be shipped late fall.


“Flourishing folk art traditions” on Chronicle WCVB

Love seeing the creative storytelling of “folk art” with Tuesday’s airing of Chronicle (WCVB Channel 5 Boston). From tattoos to chalkware, Shayna Seymour chronicles the tradition! Love seeing the creative storytelling of "folk art" with Tuesday's airing of Chronicle (WCVB Channel 5 Boston). From tattoos to chalkware, Shayna Seymour chronicles the tradition! Posted by Vaillancourt […]

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The Vaillancourt Tradition

We believe in quality. We believe in tradition. And, above all, we believe in Christmas. We understand the value of creating traditions intended to be passed down for generations. As a family-owned, American small business, we thrive on the reaction, appreciation, and the expectations of collectors from around the world. Vaillancourt Chalkware is the highest quality fine art Christmas collectible in the country. Hand-painted in our Sutton, MA studios our family has a passion for history, antiques, and Christmas; it is no wonder why our company is a great place to begin, or continue, your family’s Christmas tradition.

Angels and Wooden Miniatures

Pre-Order the 2021 Starlight Santa

NEW: Santa Delivering Brant Point On Nantucket Dory