Egyptian Museum Glass Feeders & More

Mouth blown and hand twisted, we’ve just received a great batch of Egyptian Glass ornaments and hummingbird feeders. These pieces are stunning and a great addition to any spring garden theme.

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Past Exclusives Now Available!

In addition to the pieces that Judi designs for the line, she also designs special pieces that are exclusive to different retailers. These retailers maintain the exclusive rights for as long as they desire, but when they decide not to renew them, we’re happy to release them to our collectors directly.


Statement Red Hunched Gingerbread Santa

Because of demand, we’re currently taking backorders for Premier Numbers on the new statement piece to the Gingerbread Series. This near-2-foot-tall Hunched Santa is ornately painted in a lace-like pattern of Victorian gingerbread. With a red coat, this striking piece is part bold, yet whimsical, with a gentle face and striking eyes. Orders will be shipped late fall.


The Chalkware Rabbits for Spring

It’s bunny season… Chalkware rabbits are multiplying. Between the 3.75″ Small Rabbit Carrying Carrot Over Shoulder to the towering 21″ Giant White Rabbit, we’ve stocked the shelves for Easter and Spring.

Chalkware Rabbits

Currently On Judi's Desk

We’ve been busy creating the newest Nantucket Tradition with our 2021 Nantucket Santa… join the waitlist and watch its progress from idea to finished Chalkware piece which will be introduced in July!


You May Now Pre-Order The 2021 Starlight Santa

Starting Saturday, May 1st, you’ll be able to pre-order the 2021 Starlight Santa. […]

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The Vaillancourt Tradition

We believe in quality. We believe in tradition. And, above all, we believe in Christmas. We understand the value of creating traditions intended to be passed down for generations. As a family-owned, American small business, we thrive on the reaction, appreciation, and the expectations of collectors from around the world. Vaillancourt Chalkware is the highest quality fine art Christmas collectible in the country. Hand-painted in our Sutton, MA studios our family has a passion for history, antiques, and Christmas; it is no wonder why our company is a great place to begin, or continue, your family’s Christmas tradition.

It’s hard to tell when a tradition begins…™

Only 6 remain for the year...

Pre-Order the 2021 Starlight Santa

The 2021 Chalkware Collection