After 25 years in 20-D-1 (the first lease on AmericasMart’s Christmas floors), we have decided to close our wholesale showroom. We did not make this decision lightly, but coming off of our most successful year in our company’s history — and having already sold out wholesale 2021 in March — we’ve decided to use this momentum to change our business strategy to ensure its growth for another generation. We are grateful for our wholesale accounts, both large and small, and will continue to supply them with the highest quality, fine art Christmas  collectible in the market. We will miss our “20th floor” family but rest easy knowing that Christmas will always happen. Thank you, AmericasMart, for providing the premier marketplace for accessibility, variety, and innovation. We look forward to seeing the industry continue to evolve.

In 1984, we started our business doing retail shows focused on folk art and Judi’s modern adaption of chalkware. After immediate success, it was clear that wholesale was the path for expanding our business. We’ve enjoyed every phase of the evolution of the industry—both as a wholesale vendor and retail buyer for our own Retail Gallery that we opened in 1987.

Throughout our wholesale tenure we have made amazing friends, whether it be people like Bob Goodrich or Jeff Portman running marketplaces or dynamic buyers and store owners on the retail side. Unlike many of the companies that we started with, we’ve been fortunate enough to weather the storms and not only survive but thrive. This is in part due to our permanent wholesale showroom at AmericasMart in Atlanta where we were able to meet with retailers throughout the world and put together chalkware and ornament collections that best spoke to their customer base.

After 25 years of a physical wholesale showroom, we have decided to refocus our business operations to ensure its viability for future generations. We will continue to supply our product to, what we feel are the most reputable stores, catalogs, museums, and gift shoppes around the globe, but we are also giving special attention to our own Retail Gallery which has flourished over the past decade as a destination for customers to get lost in the beauty of Christmas.

Although we’ve been blessed with a successful year while so many businesses have suffered, we are dedicated to our fine art craft, sustaining our American artists, and maintaining the highest quality Christmas product in the world for generations to come.

A testament to our quality, many of our wholesale accounts had success with our line and ordered early, as a result it’s common for us to sell out within weeks of introducing the new line. If you were able to get your order in, we are beyond grateful for your business and look forward to being part of your store’s story this season and for years to come.

No matter what the global, national, or local economy might bring in years to come, we rest assured knowing that Christmas will always happen. And we’re honored that so many families believe in the tradition of Vaillancourt chalkware and ornaments. 

It’s hard to tell when a tradition begins…