Today, we’re thrilled to announce two of our retail employees are celebrating milestones with us. Valerie Rossetti of Worcester, MA and Bette Keene of Sutton, MA are both celebrating 20 year anniversaries in the Retail Gallery here at Vaillancourt Folk Art.

Valerie Rossetti and Bette Keene accepting their 20th Anniversary plaques.

At Vaillancourt, we often find ourselves referring to our staff as family and with two 20-year anniversaries being celebrated this month it’s easy to see why. Unlike most work environments where staff come and go, we cherish the relationship and longevity that we build with our staff and hope to offer a workplace where the individual grows along with the whole.

Retail is not an easy or luxurious industry to be part of. Between working extended hours and being on the frontline of inquiries, it takes a strong, compassionate, and intelligent individual to be able to balance situations that are often sporadic and inconsistent. With Valerie and Bette, not only have they been exemplary individuals, but their professionalism has allowed them to flourish within an environment that can often stress and overload even the most seasoned retail professional.

What more, while we consider our employees part of our family, both Valerie and Bette consider their collectors part of their family having personally dealt with countless situations—always with a pleasant demeanor while trying to solve any issue.

On behalf of everyone at Vaillancourt Folk Art, we thank Valerie and Bette for the past 20 years and look forward to many more to come.