In 2018, Vaillancourt Folk Art partnered with Latitude Beverages to find a small winery in California to prepare our first limited edition wine with Christmas on the mind and palate. A measured success, the wine sold out within a matter of months and the reviews were glowing.

We’re pleased to announce that we’ve begun working with our friends at Latitude Beverages again this year to create our second batch of our Limited Edition Vaillancourt Christmas Wine.

After a taste test during this year’s Collector’s Weekend, collectors decided that this year’s wine should remain loyal to the Cabernet Sauvignon variety and have sourced a winery out of Lodi, California to produce the collection.

While it may seem like a long way until Christmas, Judi has begun the process of designing this year’s label by staging a setting (seen here) for her painting. The inspiration? We’ve turned towards our antique ice cream mould collection to depict the Colonial tradition… 

Stay tuned for more information and mark your calendar to enjoy the Uncorking on Friday, September 20th.