Plan your visit, Experience Vaillancourt

More than shopping our Sutton studios will inspire. Watch artists painting each chalkware Santa throughout the year and enjoy the evolution of Christmas within the Christmas museum. […]

When thinking of Vaillancourt Folk Art, thousands of families think of the memories that were made at our original Sutton retail gallery, then called Vaillancourt Folk Art & Friends. For twenty years, people would start their traditions in the home-like setting with the retail store on the main floor, artists rooms on the second floor. and offices within the other buildings on the property.

In 2007, the Vaillancourt family decided to relocate the business 6-miles down the road into a Dickensian-era stone textile mill. The new location provided a more efficient environment for the company and a more pleasant experience for the customers, called: The Vaillancourt Experience. A small, family business in rural Sutton, MA, it’s important to create an experience that is memorable, nostalgic, and offers something for the collector. That’s why this new space offers a shopping experience in the Retail Gallery that will inspire, a tour through the Artist’s Studio that will amaze, a journey through Christmas traditions and history in the Christmas Museum that will educate, performances at Blaxton Hall that will entertain, and Christmas events that will let you celebrate the magic of the season. Together, these opportunities are created to ensure that the spirit of Christmas will continue for generations.

A 360 Walkthrough Tour of the 2022 Decorations

The 2023 Chalkware Collection

The 2023 St. Valentine Santa (SWAK)

The Celtic Triquetra Knot Irish Santa