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Large Tree by Judi, VFA Nr. 2009-45 (version 4)

No 4 of 30

This limited edition (of 30) is hand painted as one of the most highly detailed pieces that Vaillancourt Folk Art has produced. The small delicate strokes of detail within each branch makes this piece a classic statement to any collection. This piece is an original by Judi Vaillancourt and was painted in December 2019 and […]

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The Noah's Ark Collection, VFA Nr. ARKSET

The Collections

Spoil your loved one, or complete the collection for yourself… these groupings are made so you can make an impact with the fine art detail of Vaillancourt.

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The Second Edition Wine

Follow along as we prepare for Friday, September 20th as we “uncork” the second annual Vaillancourt Christmas Wine. Preperation for this Lodi, Califoronia wine is underway!

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