Identify Your Chalkware

Have a piece of chalkware that you’re unsure of? Vaillancourt makes it easy to identify what you have and how to care for it over generations. […]

While each piece is hand signed, the signing formula for all pieces (except for the very early ones) is similar. The example below is the typical signed bottom with each area identified. Once you have identified the piece design number (before the copyright date) on your own piece, you can enter it into the search box below (or the search box on every page of this web site) to pull up information on the piece. Please keep in mind that we do not determine the secondary market value and your piece may not sell for the last seen value.

Care For Your Chalkware

Like any fine art, it’s important to the longevity of your piece to care for it well so that it can last generations. Do not wash your chalkware; it’s made of an unglazed material and is not impervious to liquid and moisture. Instead wipe the piece occasionally with a dry, clean, soft cloth.  Do not leave Vaillancourt Chalkware outside or in direct sunlight. Any long term storage should be in a dry location, wrapped in tissue and padding within a closed boxed. Wrapping your chalkware with plastic or bubble for extended amount of time may cause damage to the piece’s finish, especially if stored in an environment with fluctuating humidity. At times, breaks happen and depending on the situation, we may be able to repair your cherished collectible.


On social media, collectors shared a photo of the bottoms of their favorite pieces. It shows how our chalkware pieces have been signed over the years.

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