Accidents happen and although it is heartbreaking to see your collectible break, rest assured that it has happened to many others before you. You will need to contact us to determine the damage and if the piece is within our capabilities to fix. There is a $25 deposit, plus $9.99 shipping cost. Our repair service rate is $25.00/half-hour and you will be notified if any estimate may exceed 3 hours. All repairs will be C.O.D. or charged to your credit card. All repaired pieces will be marked “repaired” on the bottom.

Please note that we are no longer accepting repairs for 2021. If you have an item you need repaired, please contact us in January 2022 for processing.

When considering our repair service, please consider the following:

  • We can only fix pieces that have all their parts: If the piece has a clean break and you have all pieces, it’s significantly possible to fix. If the piece has shattered and all pieces have been found it’s possible, but unlikely that we’ll be able to “put Humpty together again.” If there are missing pieces, we will not be able to fix the piece.
  • We can only repair breaks, not repairs: If your piece has been broken, do not make an attempt to repair it. Because we use wet plaster to adhere pieces, we are unable to fix the break if there is any adhesive present.
  • Timing: Our repair department can make any broken piece look brand new but it can take time. The best time to send repairs is February, but even then be aware that it could take several months from before the piece is repaired and returned.

Broken pieces will need to be shipping to:

Vaillancourt Folk Art
ATTN: Repairs
9 Main Street
Suite 1h
Sutton, MA 01590

And include:

  • All broken pieces and chips within a plastic bag.
  • A letter that describes the breaks and what needs to be repaired—even if you feel the break is obvious.
  • Your contact information

Please note that we are no longer accepting repairs for 2021. If you have an item you need repaired, please contact us in January 2022 for processing.

It will typically take 7-10 business days to receive the piece and contact you with an estimate.


We will be happy to replace or exchange any item—excluding sales or special pricing, items that are personalized or signed, or one-of-a-kinds—purchased directly from Vaillancourt Folk Art with original receipt, within 30-days of purchase. Items returned after 30 days, but before 45 days, of original receipt are subject to a 20% restocking fee and paid with store credit. Purchases made outside of 45 days of original purchase are not eligible for refunds or exchanges. Refunds, cancellations, or exchanges are less cost of shipping and handling and gift options unless item fails to meet the Vaillancourt Folk Art acceptable quality control standards which are determined upon inspection by the Vaillancourt Folk Art staff. Without a receipt, any refunds will be based upon the issue price.

If an item is damaged during shipping, you will be required to save the original shipping carton and packaging so that UPS or USPS can file a claim and document the damage.

Unfortunately, we are unable to accept returns or exchanges of Vaillancourt products purchased through sources other than valfa.com or the Vaillancourt Folk Art retail gallery in Sutton, MA.

Please contact Valerie personally to further discuss repairs or returns.

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