On Friday, Vaillancourt Folk Art released their new Christmas Wine to Christmas and wine enthusiasts around the country. The evening kicked off with a brief lecture as part of their “The Story Behind…” series talking about how a company known for Christmas collectibles decided to start a limited edition Christmas wine. Luke M. Vaillancourt, Vice President of Operations, explained, “From a business perspective, we’ve survived for 29 years because of how we’ve adapted. If we introduce a wine, it needs to follow our existing principles: superior quality, embodies the spirit of the holidays, limited in quantity, use my mother’s (Judi Vaillancourt) creativity, and it must tell a story. This wine hits each of those marks.”

The wine, a Cabernet Sauvignon sourced from a winery in Sonoma’s Alexander Valley, was released simultaneously in the Vaillancourt’s retail gallery as well as online with their partner Latitude Beverage of Boston. Attendees of the “uncorking” were pleased with the experience, “The quality of wine stands on its own legs as a gift or simply to drink at home. The fact that it’s associated with the Vaillancourt’s brand makes it that much more special for the holidays.” Joseph Giacobbe, a Worcester resident in attendance said, “It was great to get a behind the scenes look at what went into making the new Vaillancourt wine.”

Hand numbered, the Vaillancourt Christmas Wine is a limited edition of 672 bottles. The coveted #1 was sold to a collector from Virginia for $315; higher numbered bottles are available for $30. Online sales during the kick-off weekend included collectors buying from as far away as California and Florida, as well as East Coast destinations.

During the presentation, it was also announced that the Vaillancourt Wine is available at several restaurants in the region that are recognized for their wine programs. “Starting this evening (Friday), you can match your palate by enjoying this wine at the following restaurants: Nuovo; VIA Italian Table; and Lock 50 (all in Worcester); as well as Uxbridge’s UxLocale; and through Julio’s Liquors in Westborough.

More information can be found at: valfa.com/wine