Career Opportunities at Vaillancourt Folk Art in Sutton, MA

Chalkware after being signed and numbered in the studio.

Post-Production Worker

Part-Time (5 hours per day) – Sutton, MA
We are looking for a disciplined worker to join out production team for 5-hours per day, Monday through Friday. Candidate should have working experience with paints and spray varnishes but formal training is not required or preferred. The post-production worker will be responsible for the final steps of our production process—which includes, but not limited to: aging, varnishing, and quality checking. The ideal candidate must be neat, dependable, personable, very detail oriented, outward going, and be able to juggle multiple projects at the same time. Daily tasks will include needing to do light lifting with care. Candidate will be required to do some tasks while sitting and others while standing. Ability to take criticism and suggestions is a must. Position will require 5 hour blocks, 5 days a week, but can be flexible on when start and end time is. The idea candidate will be able to both efficiently work within a team and independently and, above all, believe in Santa. 

Please note that this job is not, and will never evolve into, an artist position. Pay starts at $12.50/hour.

Resumes and cover letter should be sent to jobs@valfa.com by June 1.