Santa’s House at Sankaty

VFA Nr. 22019

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2.8 lbs 7 × 4.75 × 8.75 in
Chalkware Made in United States
Seasons: Summer, Winter
Year Issued: 2022

Since 2020, Judi has taken a new approach in designing each Nantucket Santa. While most of her Chalkware collection stems from vintage chocolate moulds, it is often difficult to simply modify a mould (say, to add a “Nantucket Basket” into Santa’s hands) so she has decided to not be limited the “canvas” (or, in this case, available moulds).

This year, Judi took her inspiration east towards the historic fishing village of Siasconset. Although Brant Point and Great Point had lighthouses by 1784, Sankaty Head Lighthouse wasn’t erected until 1849, despite the high ship traffic and dangerous shoals in the area. It was operated by a lighthouse keeper and assistant and was their home before the U.S. Coast Guard took over the management of the lighthouse and its French Fesnel lens illuminated by a single-wick whale oil lamp.

Arguably, in recent years Sconset is recognized not just for its distinct lighthouse and rose-covered cottages, but for the erosion of the bluff—which has been eating at the coast at an alarming rate—resulting in the lighthouse being moved in 2007 and the removal of the buildings in its immediate proximity. With this year’s Nantucket Santa, you see the spirit of Christmas standing over the historic house and lighthouse offering a bag of gifts and shielding it from the storm. Dressed in grey, Santa’s red and white scarf is blowing in the wind and the sailboat in the water below is using the guiding light of Sankaty Head Lighthouse to safely navigate beyond the shoals and bluff.

MLD No: M8401990, Vaillancourt (MA)

About Vaillancourt

The house brand to Vaillancourt Folk Art, Vaillancourt products expand beyond American made Chalkware and Polish made Ornaments—but, regardless the line, fine art quality is a staple of Vaillancourt products. As one of the last domestic Christmas studios, Vaillancourt is focused on keeping and growing your family’s traditions.

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