The Vaillancourt production team at work in the Sutton, MA artists' studios.

Made in Massachusetts

We are proud to be one of the last Christmas studios Made In America. Even more so, we’re honored to call Sutton, Massachusetts our home since 1984. As an American made company, we’re fortunate to not only sell our American chalkware around the globe, but we take pride in our Vaillancourt lines.

Chalkware – Made in America

What is chalkware? You can learn a lot about Chalkware Santas, Chalkware Rabbits, and chalkware for all seasons on our website, but, Vaillancourt Folk Art made its start when Judi Vaillancourt began using antique chocolate moulds to create her Chalkware. Since 1984, when she made her Chalkware in her home’s kitchen, the process remains the same although it looks a lot different since moving into our current 10,000sq/ft location at the Manchaug Mills in Sutton. Interestingly enough, our chalkware is entirely made in America—the gypsum is mined in the midwest and our paint, medium, and non-antique moulds are made in Massachusetts! And, of course, our entire staff calls Massachusetts home, too.

Ornaments – Made in Poland

Germany has a history for glassworks. In fact, the first glassworks factory was established in Lauscha Germany in 1597 by Christoph Muller and Hans Greiner. It may have taken their descendants a quarter millennial before they made the first Christmas ornaments, but in 1996 with the urging of a German businessman, Vaillancourt Folk Art turned to the German tradition to create the first Vaillancourt Christmas Ornaments—including the Winking Nordstrom Santa and Nordstrom Green Santa. Around 2001, to match the fine art quality of our American made Chalkware, our German agent decided to move our factory from Germany to Poland, where our ornaments are currently mouth-blown and hand-painted.

Vaillancourt Product Lines No-Longer

Throughout our company’s tenure, the Vaillancourts have worked to create other lines. These include: Classical Christmas Creamware which was produced in England’s oldest pottery factories in Stoke-on-Trent from the late 1990s until the factory closed in the mid-2000s. Et Cetera which was produced in both Maine and Virginia from 2008 – 2012. In 1986, Gorham Silver created a Vaillancourt line in Taipei that was quick to close because of the lack of quality. And from 1991 – 1998, Possible Dreams licensed Judi’s designs under their Clothtique Santa collection.

The 2023 Chalkware Collection

The 2023 St. Valentine Santa (SWAK)

The Celtic Triquetra Knot Irish Santa