Since opening in 1984, Vaillancourt Folk Art has always decorated with the splendor of the holidays. This has never been so true since moving into the new Gallery space at the Manchaug Mills, in fact, the open space and large picture window is the perfect opportunity for the transformation of a winter wonderland—much like that of an old department store display.

As the Vaillancourt Gallery makes way for some great new products, including Byers Choice Carolers, Heart Gift Ornaments from Teresa Thibault, new wood carvings by The Whimsical Whittler, and dozens of new emerging designers, the opportunity has presented itself to be redecorated for the Holiday season.

Although started right after the Halloween opening, Decorating for Christmas is never a quick or easy process. Below are two photos from the gallery being transformed into it’s new theme for the season. Be certain to see our Decorations page for the final decorations once it is completed!