For 2022, as we world emerges from their isolation the celebration of Christmas has never been important. As many became very familiar with their homes over the past few years one thing has become very apparent—it should be sweet.

Right when you walk through the doors of the Retail Gallery, you’ll immediately feel the warmth of coming in from the cold and warming by the fire. Our Lodge vignette is perfect with pine and acorns, stockings filled with sprigs that represent the season, and everything related to deer—blankets, replica antlers for the wall or tree, or beautiful prints to add some colors.

Walking past the dog tree and through the wine cellar, you’ll immediately feel like you’re in Germany with snowy pines overshadowing German imported smoker houses, neutral toned snow globes, and more winter-inspired decorations leading to the stunning window display of Simon Pearce glass trees creating a forest impressive enough for Italian angels hovering over.

Through the center of the Retail Gallery is a Ginger Bread theme to bring an active energy to your home. Whether Christmas cookie jars, cookie moulds, faux-Gingerbread houses and ornaments, these embellishments will make your kitchen feel like you’ve been cooking up a storm without the mess.

Additionally, whether you’re a wanderlust because you’ve been stuck at home or want your travels to be remembered forever, our travel tree offers a fun interpretation of everything you need to travel.

Lastly, not everyone looks for a traditional space to live in. The front display is perfect for that as the stark white walls and columns decorated with ornaments is the perfect juxtaposition for silver candelabras with neon lights.

In short, whether you want wam and cozy or chic and clean, the 2022 decorative themes are sure to make it Home Sweet Home.

A Sneak Peek