Between tariffs and viruses, we started the year wondering what Christmas would look like. Retailers, by in large, had successful 2019 Seasons, so when Judi went about in January planning for the products to carry there were a lot of creative ideas. Fortunately, we plan ahead and her vision materialized early allowing us to commit to brands early and import product for a Christmas to distract from everything happening in the world around us.

For 2020, the central focus is the collection of hand made glass trees by Simon Pearce. The table scape, which is framed through our window display, offers a calming elegance while catching every ray of light to illuminate the retail gallery with grand splendor.

Throughout the store, 35 life-sized trees are decorated in a manner to display some great themes and brands, including: Vintage Christmas, Cardinals, candy and baked goods, the Twelve Days of Christmas, Bavarian Villages, A Christmas Carol, woodland scenes, snowmen, Egyptian glass, German traditions, and more.

Join us for 2020 as we are reminded of the joys of Christmas and ways to decorate trees, trees, and more trees with a gift that will be passed down from generation to generation.