With much fanfare, a highlight of 2021 was the revamping of our Retail Gallery to remove the old “ark” showcase and install The Parlour. The Parlour was originally built in 1995 as an almost-to-scale replica of the Ice Cream Parlor that operated at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History from 1981 – 2003. For our purposes, it acted as the backdrop to our wholesale showroom in Atlanta for over 26 years until we decided to bring it back earlier this year.

Today, The Parlour acts similar to its original concept to bring people together. But, instead of ice cream it is used to prominently display an array of European products—highlighted by German Candy Boxes, Smokes, and Christmas beer steins.

The decorations throughout the store follow similar themes of “togetherness.” Whether cookie moulds for baking or display, nautical ornaments to remind us of summer vacations with family, replica toys to remind us of our youth, or even a Krampus selection to remind us to keep some humor while being supervised by fine Italian cherubs.

We invite you to come experience Christmas as a way to forget the world outside and be engulfed in the magic of the season—in typical Vaillancourt fashion.

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