Large Trick Or Treating Ghost, VFA Nr. 17020

A New Spooky Chalkware Item In Time For Halloween

Earlier this season, we introduced the new Halloween Black Crow to our fall chalkware catalog. The holiday wouldn't be complete if the Halloween Black Crow didn't have a partner in crime, so we're pleased to announce the new Large Trick Or Treating Ghost. With the eyes READ MORE »

Halloween Black Crow, VFA Nr. 17087

Introducing The Fall Chalkware Black Crow For Halloween

The crow has long been a symbol for the fall season and Halloween holiday. Along with its Corvidae companion, the raven, the crow often finds itself associated with Halloween because of its cunning association of consuming carrion. A "murder of crows" is often found sitting READ MORE »

Gerald Charles Dickens performs A Christmas Carol at Vaillancourt Folk Art in Sutton, MA

Dickens Weekend: 2017

We're pleased to announce tickets are now on sale for Thanksgiving Weekend's annual performance of A Christmas Carol with Gerald Charles Dickens—in addition, he'll be performing A Child's Journey With Dickens Sunday evening.

Glimmer Santa Pulling Sled with Tree, VFA Nr. 17069

Order Your Artist Proof Today: Glimmer Santa with Sled

Each year, we introduce a handful (about 30) of chalkware pieces to our collection. This is about one-third of the pieces that Judi actually ends up designing—which totals about 100. Most often the other two-thirds are custom exclusive pieces that and up on the shelves READ MORE »

New Nantucket Santa Added To Collection: Nantucket Shell Seeker Santa, VFA Nr. 17019

The 2017 Nantucket Santa: The Shell Seeker Santa

This summer, we're pleased to be introducing another Chalkware Santa to our Nantucket Santa Series: The Shell Seeker Santa. The Nantucket Santa Series originated in 2008 when we introduced The Original Nantucket Basket Santa which was featured on ABC Boston's Chronicle with fanfare. That piece—as with each READ MORE »

Shopping Wishlist - Save and Share The Chalkware That You want

Website Updates: Wish Lists and Wait Lists…

You may remember that in May we announced a new feature to the website: Trends & Last Chances... a section of the site where we showed what was trending (both coming and going) and what was at risk of selling out. Both features have been READ MORE »

The Patriotic Parade Chalkware Series

Patriotic Parade A New Addition To The Chalkware Series

The time between Memorial Day and Independence Day are perfect days to celebrate the summer and a Patriotic Parade Series is the best way to do so! Since 2007, we’ve been building our chalkware series through a collection of festively painted chalkware animals and rabbits inspired by the READ MORE »