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Clean Break

Repairing Broken Chalkware

The inevitable, "uh-oh!" Regardless how careful we are, it seem inevitable that at some point we may be experience the misfortune of breaking our cherished Vaillancourt Chalkware Santa. Because chalkware is made from a solid, plaster-like medium, the product isn’t as fragile as one may READ MORE »

vaillancourt ornaments

Decorating with Vaillancourt Ornaments

Mouth blown and hand painted, Vaillancourt Ornaments are created in a small studio in Poland where glass making has been a tradition for generations. Made as interpretations from the popular Chalkware figurines, each ornament is designed by Judi Vaillancourt and maintains the same quality and READ MORE »

2011 Valentine Display

Reopened for Valentine’s!

After the Christmas season our retail store has to close down for a few weeks in order to take proper inventory. During this time, most of the Christmas decorations come down and we start decorating the store for "the off season." Our retail store reopened READ MORE »


American Traditions

Celebrate homegrown talent with products made in the United States.by Ashley TrentWhen one looks back upon the history of the United States, it is astonishing how much has happened in a relatively brief period of time. Part of our young country's success in industry, politics, READ MORE »


The Big Bunny

On Monday, February 9th, Vaillancourt Folk Art added a new mould to their collection—a rabbit that stands about 3-feet tall. The pouring of this piece took a little extra help—as it is a messy job, the helpers had to be creative in covering their clothes. READ MORE »

The Vaillancourt Tour (HD)

See why Vaillancourt Folk Art is part of thousands of family's traditions.

What America Did with Saint Nicholas: A History of the American Santa

Rev. Stanley DeCamp speaks at Vaillancourt Folk Art's 2009 Collector's Weekend about the history of Christmas' icon, Santa Claus. His lecture explains the transition of the American Santa from, 1626 - 2009. In addition, he explains the development from his European counterpart.  

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