Vaillancourt Christmas Wine


After a successful first edition launch and second edition release, we’re pleased to continue the tradition of the Vaillancourt Christmas Wine. Unfortunately, do to COVID-19, the third edition will be delayed, but we will be offering other high-quality wines in-store for the Christmas season.

Vaillancourt Christmas Wine proudly being served at VIA on Shrewsbury Street in Worcester, MA

To start, we began the endeavor of developing a wine that follows the guiding principles of our business: superior quality, quintessential embodiment of the spirit of the holidays, limited in quantity, uses Judi Vaillancourt’s artistic eye (the label features a painting by Judi), and tells a story. With that, and after months of preparations, we released our first Vaillancourt Christmas Wine in 2018.

Both the first and second editions were Cabernet Sauvignon sourced from a winery in Sonoma’s Alexander Valley. Each bottle features a design of Judi Vaillancourt’s art work and each bottle is hand numbered as a limited edition of 672 bottles. The coveted #1, of the inaugural edition, was sold at auction to a recipient living in Virginia for over $300.

The quality of wine stands on its own legs as a gift or simply to drink at home. The fact that it’s associated with the Vaillancourt’s brand makes it that much more special for the holidays. So, if you’re looking for a creative stocking stuffer or host present, the Vaillancourt Wine will appeal to both Christmas collectors and wine enthusiasts alike.

Created as a way to celebrate the holidays year-round, the Vaillancourt Christmas Wine is meant to instill the warm feelings of the holidays.

About The Wine

The wine inside the bottle is a Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon from Alexander Valley in Sonoma County. It comes to us from a highly-regarded producer who has been growing grapes in Sonoma since the mid-1800s. Like Vaillancourt, this winery is a family business that has a long history of tradition. It’s the perfect fit for this first edition celebratory release.

The grapes that went into this wine come from low-yielding vines grown in gravel and clay soils on land that slopes gradually from the hills to the Russian River. The Mediterranean climate of California’s Alexander Valley, combined with the marine air from the Pacific that flows through the Russian Valley by way of the Petaluma Gap, the warm sun, and cool air allows the grapes to fully ripen with a balanced acidity.

Harvested in the fall, the grapes were fermented in stainless steel and matured for 10-12 months in casks, allowing the wine to deliver a full-bodied, lip-smacking affection.

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