Vaillancourt Wholesale


Now is the perfect time to bring a high-quality, American-made product to your retail store. Recognized as one of America’s last Christmas studios, the Vaillancourt chalkware has withstood the test of time.

Because each chalkware piece is handmade from start-to-finish within our Sutton, MA studios, we only accept orders for delivery any day between January through September. To open an account today, please contact Gary directly through the online application. Each chalkware piece is made using a mould from one of the largest private collection of antique chocolate moulds in the United States. Once air dried, the resulting three-dimensional canvas is hand painted using traditional artisan oils. To finish the pieces, they go through an aging process and each piece is signed, dated, and numbered. Whether ordering our catalog collection or working with Judi to develop a custom exclusive for your store, your customers will recognize the exceptional detail unlocked within each piece.

We’ll ensure that there are no competing stores within your immediate area and will help guide you through the ordering process. If you go to AmericasMart Atlanta, enjoy our showroom—building 1, on the 20th floor (Room D1)—where you can see both our Chalkware collection along with our Polish Glass Ornaments.

All orders are exclusively shipped via credit card payment.

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