During Christmas, the search for the perfect Christmas Tree often results in a mid-height tree that is full of beautiful branches that hide the trunk of the tree. While a nice full tree is very pleasing, it often makes it difficult to decorate to enjoy all of the ornaments in your collection. Unlike a Radko-style tree where you fill the tree so that you can’t even see the needles and branches, when we decided to display our collection of ornaments in our museum for Collector’s Weekend 2011 we were quick to find a tree that was tall, thin, and had ample space between each of the branches.

In the museum, for Collector’s Weekend 2011, we displayed every ornament that we’ve produced since 1995 on a single tree with long branches. Because the tree is tall, thin, and has long branches, we are able to easily hang multiple ornaments from the trunk to the tip of each branch. To help offset the dark trunk, we wrapped (before putting on the ornaments, obviously) the trunk with a standard rope light. This helped to bring attention to the ornaments deep within the tree’s branches.

And yes, you will see several Spring ornaments on our Christmas tree!