Jingle Balls — Polish Glass Ornaments by Vaillancourt Folk Art

Vaillancourt Folk Art Introduces their Newest Ornament Line: Jingle Balls™


Sutton, MA —As Vaillancourt Folk Art celebrates their 30th anniversary, they are pleased to welcome a new product line to their collection: Jingle Balls™.

Vaillancourt Chalkware has been commercially available since 1984, but in 1996 they broke into the ornament market after creating an exclusive ornament line for Nordstrom. The line, mouth blown and hand painted in a small German factory, was created as a literal interpretation of their popular Chalkware pieces. Throughout the years, the ornament line began to gain traction and has grown to include nearly 500 designs based on the chalkware counterpart. In 2004, to keep up with demand, avoid the added cost inherited from Germany adopting the Euro, and to increase the quality, ornament production was moved from Germany to a multi-generational Polish factory where it remains today.

Today, Vaillancourt Folk Art is happy to introduce a product line that is a first for the industry, taking the standard shape of a Christmas ornament ball and combining it with the with an unique adaptation of instantly recognizable holiday faces emerging from the glass—all to the Vaillancourt standard of quality. Still mouth blown and hand painted, the first four Jingle Balls™ are currently available with pre-orders for an anticipated July delivery.