Tune into WCVB Channel 5 Boston as we’re featured alongside some incredible organizations, like Museum of Fine Arts, Boston and Skinner Auctions—as Chronicle talks folk art.

See the segment here: https://www.wcvb.com/article/folk-art-redemption-tattoo-vaillancourt-contemporary-folk-art-in-cambridge-and-a-santa-for-every-season-in-sutton/35788302?fbclid=IwAR1kx5o07nlQIKR28BCU2Tn3SQE9_Tm-c54ShhQe9K9Im-75C2642tD7DOo

NEEDHAM, Mass. — Tonight we’re exploring the world of folk art, from the storied collection at Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts to collectibles crafted by hand in a Sutton studio. We find a treasure trove of historic weathervanes and consult the experts at Skinner on what’s hot. And are tattoos folk art? We’ll have the answer.