Reprinted with permission from the 2011 Spring issue of Celebrate365 magazine:

Meet fellow collectors, try your hand at painting a chalkware figure and learn about holiday collections at the lecture series. Vaillancourt Studios’ 16th annual Colonial Christmas Collector’s Weekend is an excuse to escape the real world and join like-minded people who share an affinity for Christmas and its traditions.

Since the first Collector’s Weekend in 1995, chalkware aficionados have made the annual trek to the Vaillancourt studios in Sutton, Massachusetts for a fun-filled weekend. They can sign up to paint tehir own Santa under the guidance of studio artists, take part in educational lecturse or simply enjoy the weekend shopping in the Gallery where limited edition pieces are introduced with the lowest production number available. Some collectors come simply to attend the highly anticipated weekend dinner. Collectors will be feted at the Oliver Wight Tavern at Sturbridge Village.

Celebrate365’s publisher Connie Porcher will be among this year’s lecturers. “As a holiday collector, I’ve always hoped to be able to attend one of these special weekends. I’m on the Saturday afternoon schedule and I’ll be talking about antique, vintage and contemporary ornaments. I can’t wait!”

For information about this special weekend, please see the insert in this issue, visit the Vaillancourt web site at or phone 877-665-2244.

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Porcher, C. (2011, Spring). Sixteenth annual vaillancourt collector’s weekend. Celebrate365, 11(1), 20.