The Creation of the Texas Santa

Each year a Texas based store, Peek In The Attic, sells a limited edition exclusive piece that Judi Vaillancourt designs specifically for them. Custom pieces are not uncommon for Vaillancourt Folk Art, in fact custom pieces created for stores, museums, and organizations account for a growing percentage of all wholesale sales. But it doesn’t just happen. A custom design often takes from 6 to 18 months from concept to a tangible piece on the store’s shelves.

For the last seven years, the development of each Texas Santa has been similar. Bill, the owner of Peek in the Attic presents a list of ideas and his vision on how the year’s Texas Santa should look. Often, Bill and Judi will have already spent an hour going through the vast collection of available moulds to use as the shape of the Santa. The shape for the 2010 Texas Santa was chosen and the preliminary theme and list of ideas was also first presented in April 2009. It wasn’t until January that the list is harnessed together and refined for product design.

Below are some sample steps that were taken while Judi was in process of using his ideas and turning them into a reality. While many colors, images, symbols, and material may seem to be used simply for aesthetics, each brush stroke is made keeping in mind historical and symbolic importance.

The Texas Santa is produced in a limited edition series of 100 to 150 units each year. Most of the collectors get the same number each year, so that they have a matched number set—former First Lady Laura Bush is among those who own one of these handsome pieces. For anyone with his or her heart in Texas this Texas Santa is a must!

For more information on the Peek in the Attic Exclusive Texas Santas, please call 214-750-7335

  1. 2003-54Texas Santa Nr. 1
  2. 2004-66Texas Santa Nr. 2
  3. 2005-67 – Peek Mustang Santa
  4. 2006-83Father Christmas in Armadillo Car
  5. 2007-86Texas Under Six Flags
  6. 2008-76 (Information not currently available)
  7. 2009-59Feliz Navidad
  8. 2010-25“Galveston, oh Galveston”