The 2014 Decoration Process

2014 Decorations - Dining Room

The Vaillancourt retail experience is brought together by the exquisitely decorated gallery. Guests from around the country visit us during the Christmas season not just for items to make their homes and offices more festive, but also for inspiration to get them into the spirit of the holiday season.

Blaxton Hall has been filled with all of the decorations and products that will make this year's decoration theme complete.Each year—especially since moving into the gallery’s current location (at the Manchaug Mills)—we’ve decorated with careful attention to detail. With past themes like A Victorian Dickens ChristmasVisions of Sugar PlumsCrystal & SnowArchitectural Christmas andThe Joy of Christmas, each year offers a blank canvas to come up with a design scheme that’s timely and festive. This year we are sure that you’ll be pleasantly surprised (spoiler alert: think, Downton Abbey).

So, how does the gallery get so magical? By going through “awkward growing stages.” The past week, we’ve been stripping extraneous decorations and moving the fall and Halloween decorations to strategic spots within the gallery. As we prepare to decorate for our Christmas opening on October 31st, we’ve spent countless hours going through the new product and decorative accessories that we’ll be using. If you are interested in the process, you can follow it on this page. If you only care about the end results, then check out the decorations page after our opening!

One of the new themes for 2014, Downton Abbey Christmas.
One of the new themes for 2014, Downton Abbey Christmas.