Vaillancourt/Byers Christmas Shopper CarolerIn 2013, Joyce Byers and Judi Vaillancourt sat down to develop a product that merged two of America’s last domestic Christmas traditions. The result was a Byers’ Choice Santa holding three Vaillancourt Chalkware pieces at different stages of paint. This year, continuing to work together, Judi and Joyce developed the second piece that compliments the first: Christmas Shopper Caroler.

This new Caroler features a young lady who has been busy shopping for Christmas gifts for her friends and family. With two bags from Vaillancourt Folk Art overflowing with two chalkware originals and a basket overflowing with replicas of vintage confectionary moulds, we know that the recipients will have a happy holidays.

In a business environment, it seems to be common that similar businesses would work against each other to achieve market domination, but, in the case of small, family-owned businesses it’s the opposite. While there were hundreds of Christmas companies decades ago, today there are only a few family companies that make Christmas in America. By working together, they help to ensure that quality, domestic craftsmanship still exists so that traditions can grow.