On July 19th, the 2018 Nantucket Santa will be officially introduced during the Nantucket Art & Artisan Show, an annual retail show benefiting the Small Friends of Nantucket educational organization. Premier numbers, starting with #1, will be available to those in attendance starting at 5:00pm. Collectors not able to attend the show will be able to join the waitlist to be notified once the piece is available to the public.

On Friday, July 27th, Judi Vaillancourt will be speaking during the first ever “The Story Behind” series where you’ll be able to learn about her inspiration for the piece. Premier numbers not sold during the unveiling will be available that evening.

About the 2018 Nantucket Santa

As we celebrate 10 years of Nantucket, Judi took to a familiar shape to embody the sentiment of the Commonwealth’s island of Nantucket. The 2018 Nantucket Santa brings together simplicity along with vibrant colors. His coat, a simple white, resembling the color of a tired boat’s sail having been bleached from the sun after spending years on the open seas and trimmed with grey fur to keep this white-bearded Santa warm at night. Standing on the beach with hand painted shells by his boots, this Nantucket Santa is holding a stacked Nantucket Basket that is filled with brilliant blue hydrangeas that could have been grown along the homes along Sconset bluff.