Nantucket Basket Santa

VFA Nr. 11094

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0.4 lbs 3 × 1.5 × 4.5 in
Chalkware Made in United States
Seasons: Summer
Year Issued: 2011

For Santa’s fourth visit to the Massachusetts island of Nantucket he has decided that it is easier to carry his gifts not in his traditional sack, but within a Nantucket basket. Judi Vaillancourt has depicted this Santa on the rooftop putting a highly detailed Nantucket basket into the chimney. His coat, with the utmost embroidery and illustrative detail is based off of the romantic and nostalgic images on an exquisitely engraved polychrome whalebone box that was researched within the Nantucket Historical Association.

The scrimshaw box in the collection of the Nantucket Historical Society was the inspiration for the coat on this piece. To include the Nantucket basket, the iconic symbol of the island, we have individually modified each piece poured from our antique chocolate mould.

Each figure is transformed with the paint application that borrows several elements and motifs from the scrimshaw decorated box mentioned above and reconfiguring them into the coat and hood deception of the Father Christmas. The bird, damask rose, sunflower, house, weeping tree, geometric border and leafy vine all have inspirations from the specific decorated scrimshaw box.

MLD No: M8400183, M8402026, Vaillancourt (MA)

About Vaillancourt

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