Evening – Thanks to all who came to the Colonial Festivies to see the newly introduced pieces for the weekend. With hearty libation, great food, and a colonial band the evening went well into the night!

5:45pm – Steve Martin, the winner of the 2010 Collector’s Design, is here choosing his piece while the band is setting up. The festivities are starting to

5:00pm – The first day of painters have completed their day of painting and the Vaillancourt artists have set up the tables for Saturday’s full house. With customers wandering in and out all day, the Big Bunny—which was started last year and completed for this year’s Collector’s Weekend—has been sold to a collector in Missouri. The store is busy as everyone prepares for the Colonial party this evening.

1:30pm – After lunch it’s back to work. This time Alex is taking small groups to the embellishment department to create the wire framed glasses for the Santa that they are painting.

10:30am – Only thirty minutes into it the 19 painters today have already started mixing their paints and adding details to this year’s Painting Workshop Santa. Vaillancourt painters, Kathy, Joan, and Bill, are on hand helping each painter mix colors and understand the process. Connie and her husband have arrived and while the painters are painting Judi and Gary have them a tour of the gallery and Museum.

10:00am – The Friday session has begun as painters began to trickle in around 9:00am to register and enjoy breakfast before sitting down to paint their Santas.