Giving your heart to the one you love can be a challenge. Over the past few years, Judi Vaillancourt’s Valentine Santas have helped express the emotion of love in many ways . Although Valentine’s Day is in February, the January Twelve Months of Christmas Santa is the 2012 Valentine Chalkware Santa (12033). Let him help you with the way to give your heart to the one you love this Valentine’s Day.

From the historic view point, this Valentine Santa is unique. The original mould, simply the Belsnickel holding a bag with a teddy bear peeking out and a switch under his arm, was first used to create 2007’s Belsnickel with Teddy in Bag (2007-38) and has since been used in several variations. One year later, Judi created a custom mould based off of this shape for Colonial Williamsburg. Removing the switch and the bag with teddy bear, Judi added a pocket with cloves oranges and an orange clove cone for the Santa Holding Orange Clove Cone (2008-73). This variation of shape has also been reused in the Glimmer Series as the Glimmer Father Christmas with Orange Tree (11073).

Thinking of Valentine’s, Judi immediately thought about the  Santa Holding Orange Clove Cone. Looking towards antique Valentine cards originating from Worcester, Massachusetts for inspiration, Judi took to task hand carving each of the orange cloves to transform then into hearts. Hand carved and hand painted, this pink Santa is ready to give you his heart. With a pocket and tray overflowing with hearts, this piece is sure to replace Cupid as a symbol of love, tradition, and quality.