Chalkware Angel with CandleFor years, the symbol of the Angel has had a lot of meaning for collectors. Whether it being the angel at the Nativity or the being looking after ourselves and loved ones, we’ve been pleased to offer a variety of Chalkware angels over the years.

For 2016, we’re happy to introduce the Angel with Candle. Introduced around the 17th century, Germans combined the tradition of the Yule Log with the trend of bringing in evergreen trees into their homes during the winter months. The result was decorating the tree with candles, which was further practiced when the Moravians settled in America and decorated their trees more elaborately in the early 19th Century.

Before the tradition of the Christmas tree, however, Scandinavian families celebrated Saint Lucy’s Day (called Sankta Lucia), a feast commemorating the 3rd-century martyr that brought food and aid to Christians in the catacombs, aided by a candle-lit wreath.

Regardless if we believe this piece to represent an angel from above, Saint Lucia protecting our loved ones, or the eternal representation of the spirit of Christmas—the 2016 Chalkware Angel with Candle is sure to bring joy to your homes.

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