Pumpkins making their way to the fall decoration themes

Snowtober: Who says you can't combine pumpkins with Christmas chalkware?The fall and winter holidays always seem to engage in a turf war, often stepping on each other’s toes vying for attention. One thing is clear, however, once October 1st comes around, it is completely acceptable to engage in “pumpkin season.”

Pumpkins, and their decorative counterpart, the Jack O’Lantern, should be considered the national symbol of fall after finding relevance in everything from food, scents, and, of course, decorations. The best part, however, is that with subtle changes your fall decorations can incorporate pumpkins right through Thanksgiving before being retired for Christmas.

As you start to think about decorating your home for fall, consider our chalkware collection of pumpkins and jack o’lanterns. Whether the 2013 Snowtober Santa or simple pumpkins, fall can be celebrated the way thousands of families around the country do: with Vaillancourt chalkware.

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A festive chalkware jack o'lantern ready for halloween.