Here in New England, it’s feeling like winter. We had a lot of snow over the past few days and although we’re happy that St. Valentine’s day is here to warm our hearts, we are really looking forward to the days we can see the grass. So, with that, Judi Vaillancourt is pleased to be introducing the newest addition to her Luck Series, the 2017 Irish Santa.

2017 Irish Santa - Irish Gnome Ridding Rabbit, VFA Nr 17017You’ve got to catch him if you want the luck of the Irish! And, in this situation, we usher in the spring season with a charming gnome dressed to inspire St. Patrick himself. Adorned with green accents borrowed by the Leprechaun, this gnome is seen riding a rabbit through the green grass of Ireland. In his basket, you’ll find it’s full of clovers and greens. The perfect compliment to any Luck Series collection for St. Patrick’s Day with Vaillancourt chalkware!

As we continue to look to the spring and warmer days to come, adding this Irish Chalkware Santa to your collection will certainly bring you one step closer to the pot of gold.