It is that time of year again, when we sail past Twelfth Night and head straight towards St. Valentine’s Day… or, as we like to joke, St. Vaillancourt’s Day. That’s because the gift-giving tradition of Chalkware is synonymous with love, and there is no better reason to believe in love than when we unveil the new Love Santa—the newest addition to the Valentine Chalkware Collection.

VFA Nr 17016 - Valentine Chalkware Santa for 2017
VFA Nr 17016 – Valentine Chalkware Santa for 2017

Inspired by vintage post cards, the 2017 Valentine Santa is created using a historic French chocolate mould. Seemingly simple in colors and design, this Santa’s coat uses pencil like drawings to outline the while vines connecting the hearts. Each pink heart is embellished by small beading to give a vintage texture feel to bring this love Santa to life.

Over the years, Judi has turned to vintage inspirations and historical references in designing Vaillancourt Folk Art’s Valentine’s Love Santa Series. This year, there is little doubt that you’ll share love through the gift of this year’s Valentine Santa.