Saint Nick with Two Children in a Tub

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12 in
Chalkware Made in United States
Seasons: Winter
Year Issued: 1985

St. Nicholas in France bears historical importance intertwined with the legend of his miraculous intervention. During a time of famine, an innkeeper committed a heinous act against three children. In response, St. Nicholas, renowned for his compassion, performed a miracle, resurrecting the youngsters and reuniting them with their grieving families. This poignant legend contributes to St. Nicholas’s revered status, emphasizing his role as a protector of the innocent and a symbol of hope, thereby enriching the cultural and historical significance of his celebration in France.

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The house brand to Vaillancourt Folk Art, Vaillancourt products expand beyond American made Chalkware and Polish made Ornaments—but, regardless the line, fine art quality is a staple of Vaillancourt products. As one of the last domestic Christmas studios, Vaillancourt is focused on keeping and growing your family’s traditions.