Nantucket Santa Series

Those who collect Vaillancourt know the painstaking detail that goes into every piece of hand painted chalkware—it starts with a blank, 3-dimensional canvas and is painted by hand with oil paints in the Sutton, MA studios. The Nantucket Santa series is no exception. When demand for the original Nantucket Basket Santa surged in 2008, co-founder and designer Judi Vaillancourt, knew that the combination of fine art detail, historical research, and nautical nostalgia would come together perfectly for a themed series to last for generations.

This is not a series exclusively to those with a passion for Nantucket, but for anyone who celebrates a nautical summer with the tradition of Christmas. Each piece, including the new Santa Delivering Brant Point Toy On Nantucket Dory, is hand painted using time honored, fine art methods and is loaded with details that pay homage to the island that we all know and love or aspired to know and love even better.

Want to learn more about the series? Watch “The Story Behind…”

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The Simon Pearce Enchanted Forest

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