The Chalkware Nantucket Santa Collection

What started on a whim in 2008 to compliment the display of Vaillancourt chalkware at a Retail Show at Bartlett’s Farm, the original Nantucket Santa kicked off a nautical themed series that has grown in detail and complexity all while honoring the tradition and symbolism of the faraway island off the coast of Massachusetts.

Since the series’ beginning, Judi Vaillancourt, knew that the combination of fine art detail, historical research, and nautical nostalgia would come together perfectly for a Nautical series to last for generations—even far beyond Nantucket. This series is perfect for those with a passion for Christmas and a love of the sea.

Pay close attention to each piece, there are many small details of significance that might easily be overlooked. Whether it be lost in the extraordinary painting detail, trapped within the decoupaged reproductions from historical documents, or even hand carved and sculpted embellishments within the shape. The Nantucket Santa Series ensures that Christmas can be celebrated even during the hot summer days.

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