Enjoy the tradition of Christmas this season from home with Lifetime’s newest Christmas movie, Christmas On Ice. Filmed in Worcester, Massachusetts the movie’s plot revolves around the mayor closing the city’s ice rink and the manager, Courtney, played by actress Abigail Klein, falling in love during her quest to “save the Oval.”

Noah, played by Ryan Cooper, is not only the object of Courtney’s affection, but he loves Christmas and throughout his house you’ll see his great taste in decorations—Vaillancourt Chalkware and ornaments!

The movie was written and directed by John Stimpson, who also directed the 2019 Lifetime Christmas movie, Christmas a la Mode, which also showcased Vaillancourt Chalkware and ornaments.

As we’re staying home more than normal this Christmas season, stay warm with these great Lifetime movies — and peeks at some of our favorite Chalkware and ornaments!