As we wrote orders in our wholesale showroom in Atlanta this past Monday, the general vibe of many store buyers around the country is of caution because of the newly threatened tariffs on overseas products. The truth of the matter is that most stores around the country sell products that are made in countries that will be affected by these tariffs. This sentiment of caution is not unlike the concerns that surfaced in the years following 2001. Fortunately, during that time, the focus on American-made goods was at the forefront of shoppers’ minds and Vaillancourt Chalkware exceeded market projections.

That is the beauty of being made in Massachusetts. That is the beauty of being made by hand; of focusing on high quality; on producing low quantities; on creating beautiful products that will be passed down for generations.

As we all enjoy summer—the season that celebrates and remembers both the United States’ Independence Day and Memorial Day—we can’t help but to say, “thank you,” to both the stores that carry our products and the customers that collect them.

Because of your discerning taste, next year we will be celebrating 35 years of being Made in Massachusetts… and we’ll have a lot for you to look forward to…