Glimmer Santa Pulling Sled with Tree, VFA Nr. 17069Each year, we introduce a handful (about 30) of chalkware pieces to our collection. This is about one-third of the pieces that Judi actually ends up designing—which totals about 100. Most often the other two-thirds are custom exclusive pieces that and up on the shelves of the some of the nicest stores or in the pages of the greatest catalogs in the country.There are, however, a handful of pieces that are never used. Sometimes, the pieces will surface in the regular line and sometimes they will be picked up at a later date as an exclusive. This year, Judi designed a piece—Glimmer Santa Pulling Sled with Tree—that was never used. Instead, the mould was used for the Starlight Santa (which means we won’t use it again). There were, however, a handful of artists proofs that were painted that we’ll be offering through the end of the month.

The collectible Glimmer Santa Pulling Sled with Tree Artist Proof is available for online purchase until midnight on July 31st. After that, it may be years before it becomes a numbered edition.