It goes without saying that this year has been anything but normal. For many of us, we have endured months of self isolation away from extended family and friends, unable to properly celebrate the joys and comfort the pain. It would seem these are dark times, but within this darkness there is a light that we’ve only recently been reminded of: the true meaning in the spirit of Christmas.

While many families have helped curve the effects of COVID-19 by staying home and away from those with whom they love, we realize that something magical has truly taken place. Families, small and large, have come together within the solitude of their homes and continue to embrace the traditions of Christmas like no other year. We are grateful for our collectors that have been with us for decades and to the next generation of collectors who have just discovered us this year. From as far as Japan and Greece, we have seen the magic of Christmas come alive.

When we had our production shut down in the spring and had to lay off our American artists for months, we did not know how we would produce enough product to stay afloat. Our resources had strained and our production capacity dramatically diminished day-after-day. Thankfully, we were fortunate enough to receive enough relief from the SBA’s PPP and EDIL to bring back our artists—most painting from home and others working from workstations that were very different from year’s past, but they tirelessly picked up the brushes to continue the fine art tradition of Vaillancourt chalkware.

While we have all has experienced loss, whether it be of a loved one to this virus, or the loss of celebrating an event that should have brought joy, we realize that our collectors have turned to the tradition of gift-giving as a way to step outside of the COVID world for a piece of normalcy.

We are not only grateful to the fact that our collectors, you, have helped support our local, family business through the most challenging year the entire world is ever seen, but we are grateful for the validation that Christmas continues even when the world seems to stopWhile it may be a simple brushstroke on a white canvas to some, to others it embodies the love, tradition, and memories that families and friends have honored over generations.

Thank you for allowing us to be part of, what is the start of, a family tradition for your Christmas season. Just as Santa regains his magic by hearing the songs of Christmas, your support throughout the year has enabled us to continue to embrace Christmas and go into the new year stronger, more energized, and more passionate about the traditions you hold so close to your heart. God bless, merry Christmas, and we look forward to the new year celebrating with you.

Gary, Judi, and Luke M. Vaillancourt