This was updated on January 29th with the news of cancelling Collector’s Weekend.

In 2020, with the challenges presented by COVID, we were forced to make many changes to our events. This year, although we’re one step closer to a pandemic-free country, we’re planning on changes to two significant events: Collector’s Weekend and Premier Number Weekend.

To start, we’re moving Premier Number Weekend from March until April (Friday, April 23rd – Sunday, April 25th)—this will give us more time as a company to paint the 2021 Chalkware Collection. Additionally, to incentivize those to come see the pieces first hand, we’ll be holding premier numbers #1 through #5 exclusively for to in-store collectors on a first-come, first-served basis starting during the Friday Evening Opening Party. Any collector looking for low numbers, but not planning on attending, can begin pre-ordering online as of January 1st.

Unfortunately, we’ve decided to cancel Collector’s Weekend again this year despite remaining hopeful Summer might have provided a safe environment for collectors traveling from around the country. But, because of the very nature of the event relying on experiencing the painting workshops, lectures, dinner, and events within a close proximity, we’ve decided to hold off on this event and allow us to revitalize it in 2022.

Beyond these two events, we’re looking forward to taking what we learned in 2020 and announce our 2021 calendar of events. Many of our spring events, and workshops, will be on hold, but we welcome the anticipated return of our Christkindlesmarkt & Artisan Shows, Dickens Weekend, our Christmas Opening with Starlight Santa, Chain of Lights, and our Mini Outdoor German Christmas Wine Markets. Additionally, the Vaillancourt Christmas Market Cruise of the Elbe River is still scheduled to tour the Christmas markets from Prauge to Berlin with multiple stops in between.

We look forward to celebrating your Christmas traditions as we start a new year!