For the second time this year, Vaillancourt Folk Art is releasing a rare chalkware Santa from the vault. The bidding for this piece starts at $150 and will be available exclusively through eBay until September 19, 2010 (1:47pm PDT).

Early in the development of Vaillancourt Folk Art, Judi had the opportunity to purchase several very rare chocolate moulds.  Because of the rarity and cost of the moulds the Chalkware made using them became “Limited Editions.”

This piece, the Santa On The Moon (VFA Catalog Number: 164), is one of Judi’s first limited editions. The Chalkware edition size was 250 issued in 1987 and is sold out. The mould itself, is a signed Anton Reiche #25737 which was produced between 1928 and 1938, was sold with one of the edition pieces during a Vaillancourt Folk Art Collector’s Weekend. Making this one of the only Chalkware moulds that Judi no longer has in her collection.

This #164 is an “Artist Proof” which means it is not numbered. Judi would often leave some pieces of her first batch unnumbered and unsigned.  When she reached the end of the production run she would designate these as Artist Proofs. Painted in 1991, this piece is one of the last to have the original “crackle” and nostalgic aging—which are currently rare to find.

This piece will be shipped from the Vaillancourt Studios with a certificate of authenticity and more details on the piece and the company. Upon request, this piece can be signed by the artist, Judi Vaillancourt.

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