First off, thank you. As we conclude our 30th year of producing Christmas in America, we count our blessings each and every day because of you. We work, throughout the year, to create the most beautiful products that we can imagine and hope to have them in the homes of people that love them. To us, our chalkware is more than a fine art collectible; it represents tradition. Since 1984, Judi has designed thousands of Chalkware figurals to be painted by our talented team of artists and finished by the caring hand of everyone here at Vaillancourt Folk Art.

As we wind down our 2014 season, we are happy to be completing a milestone. It seems that, in this day and age, not only is it rare for a business to succeed for as long as we have, but it’s exceptionally rare for an American, family business making Santa Clauses to succeed for as long as we have. And we look forward to the future—2015 will bring countless new surprises that will ensure that your family traditions stay intact through the warm spirit of Christmas.

On behalf of everyone here at Vaillancourt Folk Art in Sutton, Massachusetts, thank you and we hope that you and your loved ones have a very Merry Christmas.