Vaughn Rawson during a 2002 appearance at Vaillancourt Folk ArtThe Vaillancourt family is sad to note the passing of Vaughn Rawson.

Vaughn and his wife, Stephanie, were the team of artists that formed The Whimsical Whittler. The carvings created by this wonderful couple have been featured in our gallery for over 20 years and cherished by collectors around the country. In addition to creating beautiful wood carvings, Vaughn and Stephanie were close friends and appeared in our gallery many times over the years—most recently in 2008 for Collector’s Weekend.

Vaughn can be remembered for his gentle smile and sparkling dry wit. The image of him leaning against his truck with his pipe in hand will never leave us. We are pleased to have a collection of his works at our homes that will always remind us of his talent, passion, and cherished memories.

Our condolences to Stephanie and our pleasure in knowing his work lives on in so many fine homes.

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About The Whimsical Whittler

Vaughn and Stephanie Rawson founded The Whimsical Whittler wood carving studio in 1989 specializing in Santas, Halloween, holiday figures and other Americana inspired folk art. Known for their highly detailed work, each figure is hand carved from basswood using knives and chisels. They are painted in muted colors and finished to reflect an aged patina. Each piece is therefore a unique expression of the woodcarving art.