UPDATE: March 24, 2011 — With Lisa’s help, the Big Boy Santa is finally completed. Going through the final sets of sealing and finished with the aging process, the Big Boy Santa is done and ready to come home with you!

UPDATE: March 17, 2011 — Judi has added a lot more detail, specifically to the fur and the toys. In addition to her inspiration of Persian lamb fur, she has added gold leafed buttons, and delicate detail to the coat. See the slide show for more detailed images!

UPDATE: February 16, 2011 — In preparation for the printing of the 2011 catalog, Judi has come one step closer to completing this piece in between designing nearly 25 new custom pieces. This piece is now available for pre-order and will be a feature of the 2011 catalog.

UPDATE: November 3, 2010 — Judi has taken a quick break from decorating the store and has added some tremendous detail to the face, beard and also his new mittens! Take a look at the slideshow below, or to really be blown away see the slideshow as a full screen presentation by clicking here.

Judi Vaillancourt has started painting the third Big Boy Santa this October. This piece was originally poured October 5, 2007 and has taken a year to completely dry. Weighing at around 94 lbs, this piece will take Judi about 60 hours from start to finish. The first two Big Boy Santas were sold over the past two Christmases, within a week of being painted. Although this piece will be available on-line, Vaillancourt Folk Art will be offering this piece as pick-up only. Taking a Santa of this magnitude home will certainly guarantee your spot on his “Good List.”

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