Striding Santa Pysanka Inspired Coat, VFA Nr. 18050In 2016, Collector’s Weekend introduced the Ukranian tradition of Pysanka, as presented in a lecture by Bill Davis. To celebrate the 2016 weekend, Judi introduced several Pysanka-inspired one-of-a-kinds (Floral Pysanka Father Christmas with Mould, Rabbit on Pysanka Egg, Bunny Holding Pysanka Egg, and Bunny Pushing Pysanka Egg) and teased the 2018 Collector’s Weekend Painting Workshop Santa. With one month to go, Vaillancourt is happy to finally make the 2018  Painting Workshop Series collectible available for pre-ordering. The Striding Santa Pysanka Inspired Coat is an extremely detailed piece featuring a Nordic Santa wearing green with a sack over his shoulder and walking stick in hand. The pattern on the coat and hat reveal patterns found from the Pysanka style while paying subtle homage to 1950s illustrative elements. The final touches, his hiking boots, make the 14.4″ tall collectible perfect for anyone looking to break normalcy and start a new tradition.