Father Christmas with Donkey, new for 2016
Father Christmas with Donkey, new for 2016

Over the last 32 years, we have bought a majority of our 3,000 plus antique chocolate moulds from our mould dealer, Dad’s Follies. When they call us with a new batch of old moulds, we get quite excited as finding new antique Christmas moulds is getting harder and harder.

One day, last fall, they arrived with several good antique Christmas moulds that we didn’t already own and, much to our surprise, a massive collection of rubber moulds. One of these moulds was a duplicate of the rocking horse that was our best seller last year and another was this spectacular Santa with Donkey.

In Southern Europe it was traditional that Father Christmas would deliver his presents with the aid of a donkey—similar to today’s lore of Santa being assisted by his reindeer. Within our mould collection, we have several Father Christmas figures with a donkey, but never one of this size with so much detail.

Adding to the detail within this mould, Judi took to making certain the history and lore came to life with brush strokes that enhance the gift giver’s story.

This piece will be offered all year, but because of the intricate detail we’ll be releasing it in small batches. Currently, we have 10 in stock for immediate shipping but are offering the ability to reserve yours once those ten have been sold. Join us in celebrating the European tradition with the Father Christmas with Donkey.

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